Adult Android Apps

Unlike the iPhone app store, who have shown reluctance to offer apps for explicit or sexy material , (this would make more sense if placed after the adult iPhone segment) Android allows adult content on its applications. Although Android only accounts for a small proportion of applications at the moment compared with the iPhone it is growing rapidly into a significant competitor.

In fact, Android even has its own adult app store, MiKandi, "a mobile client for the discovery and download of adult apps".

Some, like Jason Perlow have even claimed that the adult industry will contribute to the adoption of the Android OS. He wrote on, "The Adult Entertainment industry drove the adoption of DVD and the streaming media technologies that everyone now enjoys and takes for granted on the Internet. Will pioneering in mobile porn also accelerate adoption of Google's Android mobile OS?" Jason Perlow -

App approval processes on the Android platform are not tied to a single vendor so the prospects for explicit applications in this area are much larger than on the iPhone.

Having a branded presence on your user's phone in the form of an app, complete with icon sitting on the screen as a constant reminder, can give a real boost to repeat mobile custom and growing brand loyalty.

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